Once upon a time, there were people passionate about fashion, travel and organisation...

The beginning of the adventure

A few years ago, a meeting between two creative minds gave birth to an innovative idea: to create travel bags that go beyond their mere utility by becoming real life companions. That's how Garbelle was born, a brand dedicated to fashion, elegance and practicality.

A unique vision

Garbelle's vision was clear from the start: to offer products that not only meet the needs of modern men, but also help them enjoy their travels, maintain their style and keep their belongings organised.

Inspired by travel

Travel is at the core of our inspiration. We are fascinated by the discovery of new horizons, cultural exchange and meeting new people. It is this passion for escape that drives us to design bags that make travelling easier, preserve the style of outfits and provide optimum organisation to make every trip a unique experience.

Commitment to quality

At Garbelle, we are uncompromising about quality. Each bag is made from quality materials, carefully selected for their strength and durability. We make it a point of honour to offer our customers products that exceed their expectations and faithfully follow them on all their adventures.

The Garbelle community

Over the years, Garbelle has created a passionate and committed community. Men and women from all over the world share our love of fashion and travel. Together, we are a family united by common values: boldness, authenticity and the desire to remain fashionable in all circumstances.

Travel with Garbelle

Today, we invite you to join our world. Discover our convertible travel bags, designed to meet all your needs, whether you are on a business trip or a romantic getaway. Be inspired by the timeless elegance of our designs and join the Garbelle community, where style, travel and organisation come together to create a unique story.

Experience the Garbelle adventure today!