Collection: Travel accessory

Discover our travel accessories designed for those who want both style and functionality. Made from hard-wearing, durable materials, these accessories combine sleek design with great convenience.

Garbelle, your new leather travel bag

Looking for a travel bag? Welcome to Garbelle! Our leather travel bags are designed for men who value both functionality and elegance. Each piece is lightweight and compact, whether it is a storage bag or a toiletry bag, and fits perfectly into your luggage without compromising on space or style. Our products are made from premium quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability for a refined look that is sure to get noticed. Our leather toiletry bag is designed with handy compartments allowing optimum organisation of all your products. From your toothbrush to your perfume bottles, everything has its place, so you can get ready in total peace of mind, wherever you are. This storage accessory is ideal for your passport, pen, chargers, headphones and anything else you need for your trip.

The leather quality of our travel bags is carefully selected for ultimate durability. Our Garbelle brand of leather travel bags is committed to providing superior travel accessories that not only meet your storage needs, but also enhance your hectic lifestyle as a businessman. With particular attention to detail, we are proud to accompany you on all your adventures. Our bags and their matching leather travel bags will be your travel companions. Their timeless design, combined with exemplary durability, ensures that these accessories will serve you faithfully year after year. By choosing Garbelle, you are investing in quality, affirming your taste for refinement and flawless organisation. Join the Garbelle adventure, where every move becomes a style statement! So, what are you waiting for to get yours?