Collection: Convertible bag

Discover our convertible travel bags designed for those who want both style and convenience. Made from hard-wearing, durable materials, these bags combine sleek design with amazing functionality.

Our leather convertible travel bags for suits

At Garbelle, our passion for fashion, travel and organisation drives us every day to create convertible travel bags. Primarily designed for businessmen, our bags transform with ease into elegant suit covers. Available in classic shades of black, brown and dark brown, they embody a perfect fusion of functionality and elegance. Made from ethically sourced synthetic leather and premium quality genuine leather, these convertible travel bags are a true investment in refinement and durability. One of the major advantages of our bags is their ability to preserve the integrity of your suits and shirts thanks to an anti-fold cover. Imagine landing after a long flight to find your business clothes as impeccable as when you packed them. That's the promise of Garbelle, which eliminates the hassle of having to iron or find a dry cleaner when you arrive.

Designed for businessmen, each bag can hold up to 5 days' clothing, an amazing feat for such a compact and lightweight piece of luggage. Its carry-on luggage compliance ensures a smooth transition on your air travels, while its water-resistant design and durable materials prepare you to deal with the unexpected. The features of our convertible travel bags don't stop there: numerous pockets for flawless organisation, a special compartment for your shoes, and a generous 45-litre capacity. Every detail has been thought out to make your travels more enjoyable and stylish. When you choose a Garbelle leather travel bag, you choose excellence, comfort and a travel companion that instantly enhances your professional look. Let yourself be seduced by Garbelle's functional elegance, where every journey becomes a style statement.