Cookie policy

1. What is a cookie ?

When you browse a website such as the MTZ company site, it can then, depending on your choice, insert a text file on your receiver (computer, telephone or tablet), via your browser. .

This text file is called COOKIE. This cookie then allows the website like GARBELLE, during the prescribed period of validity or registration of the cookie, to identify your receiver used when you make another visit.
Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained in this cookie.

2. What are cookies used for on

We can classify different types of cookies by categories. Some of them are issued directly by MTZ and its service providers, but some sometimes come from third-party companies.

2.1 Cookies issued by GARBELLE and its service providers

There are several categories of cookies that may be found on your transmitter when you browse our website:

2.11 “Essential” Cookies

In order to have access to our site, “essential” cookies are necessary, they are used for example to be able to place the order.
If they were not present, you may encounter navigation problems on the site and be unable to place an order.

“Essential” cookies also allow GARBELLE [MTZ] to track its activity.They can be inserted on your transmitter by GARBELLE [MTZ] or by its service providers.

2.12 “Analytical and Personalization” Cookies

“Analytical and personalization” cookies are not obligatory, they will allow us to facilitate your searches, optimize your experience with us, thanks to them we will be able to better target your expectations as well as adapt our offers and maximize the organization of our site.

2.13 “Advertising” cookies

Advertising cookies are displayed in spaces reserved for advertising on our site. The interest for you is that your browsing time is better and optimized thanks to the presentation of offers and advertisements relevant to you.

For this, “advertising” cookies will target your expectations in real time and offer you advertising content adapted to your current desires and interests, through your recent browsing history on other sites.
This helps avoid presenting you with advertising content that is of no interest to you. At the same time, MTZ company prefers to see its offers and advertisements proposed to users who will be interested in them.

The advertising content offered may contain cookies issued by GARBELLE [MTZ] or by its service providers, or by third parties through the association of a cookie with the advertising content of an advertiser.

2.2 Cookies issued by third-party companies

Third parties using cookies on our site use their own privacy protection policy for this purpose. These cookies are not necessary for the use of our site.

2.3 Cookies issued by third-party applications integrated into our site

When you browse our site, we may include computer applications from a third party, in order to offer you the possibility of sharing content and/or your opinion from our site with other people , for example when you click on the “share” or “like” buttons that come from social networks.

These social networks can then identify you through these buttons even if you have not used them while browsing the site. It is possible for them to do this if during your last navigation on the site you were simultaneously connected or active on your transmitter to your social network. We have no control over the uses they use, nor over the data they have.

To find out more about the use of your data and advertising content, you can go to your social networks and consult their personal data protection policies. You should then be able, thanks to these policies, to manage your settings according to your preferences on the user accounts of each of the social networks on which you are registered.

Privacy protection policy of the aforementioned social networks, click on the social network of your choice:

Google +:  

Concerning our advertising network, we remind you, as mentioned just before, that all our advertising spaces may contain cookies from third parties (advertiser behind the advertising presented, third-party service providers of the advertiser, etc.).
They can therefore with these cookies and during the prescribed period of validity of these, offer advertisements in the places made available for third party advertisements, identify the number of contents that they offer in our spaces, know the audience of these advertisements and the number of clicks; thanks to this they will be able to claim the amounts owed to them and establish their statistics. They may also know that your sender is the one who previously visited another site containing one of their advertisements, and therefore target you and personalize their content if necessary.

3. The options offered by your browser software (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)

Your navigation software contains many options available to you and which you can adjust according to your preferences. By doing this, you can then accept or not accept cookies on your transmitter.

However, if you choose to accept the recording of these cookies on your issuer, then, during your visits to sites or content with cookies present, they will be automatically recorded on your issuer.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to activate a reminder asking you again if you accept or refuse cookies before their potential recording, or refuse each time this cookie recording on your issuer.

However, it is important to emphasize that the choices you make during this setting may perhaps modify or alter your browsing on the Internet or on certain sites or services which require the use of these cookies (such as to place an order on our site for example).

In the event that you prefer to refuse these cookies on your issuer or delete those already recorded, we decline all responsibility for the consequences of the alteration of the functioning of our services, which would result from the inability for our services to save or have access to the cookies that are used for their operation.

3.1 How to choose your options depending on your browser?

You have different options and possible choices available depending on your browser. To find out more, you can consult its help menu.

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