Quelles chaussures choisir pour être confortable lors d’un déplacement professionnel ?

What footwear should you choose to be comfortable on a business trip?

Business travel demands both elegance and comfort, especially when it comes to footwear. To stay comfortable while looking professional, there are various types of footwear to consider, each meeting specific needs depending on the context and planned activities. What are the most important criteria for you when choosing business travel shoes?

Moccasins for being stylish and comfortable when travelling

Initially designed for sailors, the men's loafer has evolved to become a preferred choicefor travellers looking for comfort and style. For those who prefer comfort, especially on plane journeys or long days in transit, loafers can be an excellent option. They have a terry lining that makes them soft, absorbent and non-slip, making them ideal for wearing without socks and facilitating safety passages. Their sleek design also means they can be worn to less formal meetings, providing an easy transition between different types of activity without sacrificing style or comfort.

Braided derby shoes for summer travel

Original to 19th-century Europe, the Derby shoe, with its open laces, was designed to offer maximum comfort. Braided Derby shoes are particularly adapted for hot climates or summer destinations. Their openwork design allows better air circulation, helping to keep feet cool and comfortable all day long. As well as being comfortable, they add a touch of casual elegance to any outfit, pairing well with lightweight summer suits or even chino trousers.

The perfect chelsea boots on a business trip

Born in Victorian equestrian circles, Chelsea boots have quickly found their place in urban wardrobes thanks to their sleek style and functionality. For a more versatile option that goes well with both suit trousers and jeans, Chelsea boots are a safe bet. Their laceless design with elasticated side straps makes them easy to put on and take off, making them perfect for travelling. These boots are also renowned for their durability and ability to withstand the elements, making them an ideal choice for destinations with unpredictable weather conditions. They perfectly complement a set with a leather cabin travel bag with suit cover, offering a stylish and practical solution for transporting and protecting your business outfits while on the move.

Classic boots for comfort and style

Historically worn by workers as rugged protection, classic boots have evolved to become a staple of the modern professional wardrobe. Classic boots, just above the ankle and often in smooth leather, are ideal for a professional look. They offer good support and are suitable for days that involve both formal meetings and travel. Their timeless style ensures they remain a favoured option for many professionals, and their variety of designs means they can be adapted to almost any wardrobe.

Choosing the right shoes for a business trip means ensuring comfort that will accompany the professional throughout their day. What are your personal preferences for combining elegance and comfort when travelling on business? This reflection can help you better prepare your luggage for future trips, optimising both your style and your well-being.

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