Sac de voyage : quelle capacité choisir pour un week-end ?

Travel bag: what capacity should you choose for a weekend away?

Travelling for a weekend or a few days means choosing the right travel bag to carry all your essentials without a hitch. The capacity of the bag to carry all your belongings is an important criterion for ensuring a pleasant, stress-free stay.

Evaluating the length and type of trip

The choice of capacity for your bag depends first and foremost on the duration and type of trip. For less than a week, a travel bag of 45 litres or a little more is often recommended. This allows you to carry enough clothes, toiletries and accessories. If you are planning specific activities such as hiking, you may need more space for additional equipment. Make a list of what you need to take with you to estimate the size of your bag.

Choose the type of travel bag

Various types of bag may be suitable for a trip of less than a week. Rigid cases are ideal for protecting your belongings and are particularly useful for air travel. They are robust and offer good protection against impact. Travel rucksacks, on the other hand, are ideal for those who plan to walk a lot or use a variety of means of transport. They are ergonomically designed to allow maximum freedom of movement. The convertible travel bags with anti-crease cover keep clothes neatly folded and are easy to carry in a variety of contexts, whether on a business or leisure trip.


The materials to choose according to your tastes

The material of your travel bag influences its weight and strength. Fabric bags such as nylon and polyester are lightweight, water-resistant and easy to maintain. The leather bags, although heavier, offer a classic look and can be very sturdy if well cared for. For those looking for a compromise between lightness and protection, synthetic materials are often a good option. Make sure you choose a bag with a material that is suited to the conditions of your trip, such as good water resistance for a stay in a rainy region.

A well-organised travel bag makes it easier to get around

Travel bags with multiple compartments and pockets keep clothes, toiletries and other accessories separate, making each item easy to find. Some bags have specific compartments for shoes or wet clothes, which is handy for keeping things tidy and clean. The internal organisation of a travel bag can maximise the space available and make your journey more pleasant by avoiding untimely rummaging.

The choice of travel bag for a weekend or a few days is based on several criteria: capacity, type of bag, material and interior organisation. By taking these elements into account, you can find the bag that will make your travel more comfortable and practical. What type of bag do you prefer for your week-long stays?

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